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Termite Treatment with Termidor

Where you live Termites are a fact of life. Now 100% control of termites is a fact of life too. Introducing Termidor© America’s first and only 100% termite control solution. Termidor© is a new type of termite control that for over five years has faced the stiffest tests that the US and foreign researchers could throw at it. Without exception, Termidor© passed with flying colors. In fact, no other termiticide in history has consistently returned “100% effective” results whenever and wherever it was used.

For you, “100% effective” means that you can now choose a termiticide that eliminiates termites from your home or business for at least the next five years. Many termiticides are repellents, applied as a barrier. This means they keep termites away instead of killing them. But if there’s a gap in the treatment, the repellent effect fails and the termites go through. Termidor© is non-repellent. Termites can’t smell it, see it or feel it. Since they don’t know it’s there, they forge freely in a treated area. The “100% effective” results begin here.

First, and like other leading liquid termiticides, Termidor© kills termites when they eat it (since they don’t know it’s there they ingest it redily). Second, and unlike all other termiticides, Termidor© is lethal to termites by contact. Thus, the termites don’t even have to ingest it to die from it’s effects. As well as eating Termidor©, a termite will also unknowingly pick it up and carry it back to the colony on it’s body. Every other termite it contact, feeds or grooms will itself become a carrier, contracting and infecting others.

But because the fipronil in Termidor© is slow acting and allows the termite to continue it’s normal routine, it remains active long enough to transfer the termiticide to a large number of other termites in the colony before dying itself. This combination of ingestion, contact, and “transfer effect” (which is unique, and puts Termidor© in a category by itself) routinely provides 100% termite control in three months or less. No exceptions.

Termite Treatment FAQ

Is it safe?
Termidor© is affective at very low application rates: (“Less Chemicals, Less Often”) typically, the active ingredient fipronil will be just 0.06%. Since 1995, fipronil has been used for flea and tick control on millions of cats and dogs, globally. And, since Termidor© bonds to the soil, there is no leaching through rainfall or irrigation.

Does it smell?
No. Termidor© has virtually no odor (which means neither you nor your family will notice anything). Since it’s applied with water, there’s no solvent smell.

Who makes Termidor©?
BASF,one of the worlds largest environmental science companies. BASF has developed an entire generation of effective, responsible pest control products for many different industries and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long before the termites die?
A. Termites die by contacting both the soil and one another in the colony. Therefore, 100% elimination can take up to 90 days.

Q. What is better, termite baits or traditional liquid application?
A. Every structure has a different need and requirement, there is no standard rule. The issue is best determined by the technician or sales associate that visits your property and observes the termite situation in person.

Q. Should I have the property treated right away? Aren’t the termites doing major damage?
A. In many cases, termites often work slower than you think. Take the time to consider all of your treatment options and make an education decision – don’t forget your home is your greatest asset.

Q. If my neighbor treats their property, will they move to mine?
A. Absolutely not. Termites do not “move” from a treated property to an untreated one. Beware of scare tactics that range from ‘door knockers’ to verbal sales pitches, such as, “we treated your neighbor,” “termites are in the neighborhood,” etc.